What we have done: 
Visual identity, Package Design, Illustration

Dear. Architect - Play my room
디어아키텍트 플레이마이룸

Year completed: 
May. 2021

Play My Room is an assembly kit that allows you to create your own dream space. DEAR. AHCHITECT is a brand that makes products based on space and furniture to help everyone think about their own personal space.DEAR. AHCHITECT’s Play My Room is a toy kit designed to help children understand the use of space and furniture as well as the location of props. More Than That(MTT) helped create the design of the boards, labels, and packaging. We wanted to express the culture, environment, and interior features of the different countries included in the Play May Room kit. We wanted to consider the emotions of children, so we created various illustrations with a multitude of colors to help them experience different cultures. We made sure to incorporate the brand value of diversity that is unique to DEAR. AHCHITECT. We wanted to convey the message of “your own space created with your own hands.” We combined various colors and foods to make the toy kit more approachable. We wanted to give children the opportunity to understand the use of furniture, space utilization, and the location of props. We used a graphic that shows the hand of a small child to clearly express the message of Play My Room. We applied a fluid combination to graphic motifs through the use of multiple applications such as interiors, accessories, furniture labels, and packages.